CEMAT is the overseas research center of the American Institute for Maghrib Studies (AIMS). CEMAT organizes lectures, roundtables, scholarly workshops, and conferences including the annual AIMS conferences. The CEMAT Newsletter is edited annually.

Facilities available to members (see Membership) include quiet office space subject to availability, and a specialized library with works primarily in English on the Maghrib. CEMAT’s staff makes every attempt to obtain research clearances, help establish contacts with other researchers and institutions, assist in obtaining a residence permit, provide attestations, and furnish other administrative support.

Researchers are requested to notify CEMAT of their estimated time of arrival and dates of stay as far ahead as possible, with at least two months notice. CEMAT needs a C.V. and a statement of the research project (with a one-page statement in French or Arabic). The procedure for clearances is longer and more complicated for researchers wishing to do field work or conduct survey research; it is important to contact CEMAT at least four months ahead for information (see Research clearance ).